Old Crown, New Spawn: Tristis Chapter available - 23-04-2009

As our first step into public, we decided to take part in a project honoring avantgarde metal legend Ved Buens Ende. Thus, we contributed two tracks to „Tristis“ chapter of „Old Crown, New Spawn“ triple tribute.

When it comes to covering a band - especially of a likewise genre - there's one important question to answer: how to adopt the original and how to separate from it? We took a rather unusual approach this time by rewriting the outro of Ved Buens Ende's „Written In Waters“ to what we felt „Swarming Deserted Away“ would sense. Consequently, we decided to translate the lyrics to German (and also took some lines from „Remembrance Of Things Past“ we thought would fit in). Focus lies on the sound of the words (some internal rhymes there...) and their intended meaning, so it's kind of a loose translation.

In addition, we provided one of our „Concepts of Anxiety“: „Escape“. There are many facets of anxiety and fear; for us, „Escape“ is one of them.
Some notes at 8:58 are meant as a homage to the Gods of Doom, My Dying Bride. Sear us!

Anyway, here are all relevant links for those of you interested in:

Listen: http://www.myspace.com/exsules/
Lyrics: http://www/exsules.de/lyrics/
Full Download: http://panacea.msk.su/ocns/

We highly recommend to download all three chapters, there are great contributions. Don't miss this out!

exsules „swarmsession“ thanks list:

Ivan / Aspherical Asphyxia Prod. and all participating bands for bringing „Old Crown, New Spawn“ to life.

Kay S. „Tägtgren“ Voigt, Eberhard „Ebi“ Fritsch and Wolfram for a piece of equipement or two.

Basti, Hannes and m.e.a. for not complaining about the 1.37 square metres of rehearsel room we left for them while recording.